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1. General aspects

2. Basic definitions

3. Working principle of a transformer

4. Transformer ratings

5. Kinds oftransformers

6. Transformer construction

7. Transformer windings, terminals, tappings and bushings

8. Transformer cooling

9. Single phase transformer: Elementary theory of an ideal transformer, E.m.f. equation ofa transformer-Voltage transformation ratio-Trans-former with losses but no magnetic leakage-Resistance and magnetic leakage-Transformer with resistance and leakage reactance-Equivalent resistance and reactance-Total voltage drop in a transformer-Equivalent circuit-Transformer tests-Regulation of a transformer-Percentage resistance and reactance-Transformer losses-Transformer efficiency-All-day efficiency Transformer noise-Auto-transformer-Polarity of transformers

10. Three-phase transformer: Three-phase transformer connections, Three-phase transformer construction, Parallel operation of three-phase transformers-Highlights-Objective type questions-Theoretical questions- Unsolved Examples.