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1.   Explain what is meant by the split-phase method of motor starting.
2.   Explain why the starting torque of a capacitor-start induction run motor is better than that of a resistance-start induction-run motor.
3.   How is the direction of rotation reversed for each of the following?Resistance-start induction-run motor, and
Capacitor-start induction-run motor.
4.   (a) Compare operating characteristics of a resistance-start induction-run motor with those of a capacitor start induction-run motor.
(b) List three applications for:
A resistance-start induction-run motor
A capacitor-start induction-run motor.
5.   Explain how a repulsion motor operates.
6.   Explain how a repulsion-start induction-run motor operates.
7.   How is the direction of rotation of each of the following motors reversed?The repulsion motor, and
The repulsion-start induction-run motor.
8.   What is the difference between A.C. and D.C. series motor?
9.   Why are small fractional horsepower A.C. series motors called universal motors?
10.                What is the difference between a conductively compensated series motor and an inductively compensated series motor?
11.                Describe the construction and operation of a shaded-pole motor.
12.                Write a short note on a sub-synchronous motor and a hysteresis motor.
13.                What is a stepper motor? Enumerate its advantages and applications.
14.                Explain briefly permanent-magnet stepper motor briefly. How does it differ from variable reluctance motor?
15.                What is a stepper motor?
16.                States the advantages of stepper motors.
17.                Give the applications of stepper motors.
18.                Explain briefly the construction and working of the following stepper motors:Permanent·magnet stepper motor;
Variable-reluctance stepper motor;
Hybrid stepper motor.
19.                What do you understand by the term servo or servo-mechanism?
20.                Explain briefly any two of the following D.C. servo-motors:Series motor
Split series motor
Shunt control motor
Permanent magnet shunt motor.
21.                Give the description of drag-cup rotor servo-motor.
22.                Write a short note on shaded-pole type servo-motor.