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Polyphase Induction Motors

  1. General aspects.
  2. Classification of A.C. motors.
  3. Constructional details.
  4. Production of relating magnetic field.
  5. Theory of operation of an induction motor
  6. Slip
  7. Frequency of rotor current
  8. Rotor e.m.f. and rotor current
  9. Torque and power.
  10. Effect of change in supply voltage on starting torque.
  11. Effect in change in supply voltage on torque and slip
  12. Full-load torque and maximum torque.
  13. Starting torque and maximum torque.
  14. Torque-slip and torque-speed curves
  15. Operating characteristics of a 3-phase squirrel-cage induction motor.
  16. Operating characteristics of a wound-rotor (slip ring) induction motor.
  17. Power stages in an induction motors.
  18. Induction motor as transformer.
  19. Equivalent circuit of an induction motor.
  20. Starting of induction motors.
  21. Factors governing performance of induction motors.
  22. Effects of operating conditions.
  23. Ratings of 3-phase induction motors.
  24. Squirrel-cage motors-Advantages, Disadvantages and applications.
  25. Wound rotor (or Slip ring) induction motors-(or phase wound) induction motors.
  26. Comparison of a squirrel-cage and a slip ring (or phase wound) induction motors.
  27. Comparison between induction and synchronous motors-Highlights-Objective type question-Theoretical questions-Unsolved examples.