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  • The number of machines operating from single-phase supplies is greater than all other types taken in total. For the most part, however, they are only used in the smaller sizes, less than 5 kW and mostly in the fractional H.P. range. They operate at lower pouter-factors and are relatively inefficient when compared with polyphase motors. Though simplicity might be expected in view of the two-line supply, the analysis is quite complicated.
  • Single phase motors perform a great variety of useful services in the home, the office, the factory, in business establishments, on the farm, and many other places where electricity is available. Since the requirements of the numerous applications differ so widely, the motor-manufacturing industry has developed several types of such machines, each type having operating characteristics that meet definite demands. For example, one type operates satisfactorily on direct current or any frequency up to 60 cycles; another rotates at absolutely constant speed, regardless of load ; another develops considerable starting torque and still another, although not capable of developing much starting torque, is
    nevertheless extremely cheap to make and very rugged.