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Diesel Engine Power Plant

2.5. Diesel Engine Power Plant

2.5.1. Introduction

Diesel engine power plants are installed where supply of coal and water is not available in sufficient quantity or where power is to be generated in small quantity or where standby sets are required for continuity of supply such as in hospitals, telephone exchanges, radio stations and cinemas. These plants in the range of 2 to 50 MW capacity are used as central stations for supply authorities and works and they are universally adapted to supplement hydro-electric or thermal stations where stand-by generating plants are essential for starting from cold and under emergency conditions.

In several countries, the demand for diesel power plants is increased for electric power generation because of difficulties experienced in construction of new hydraulic plants and enlarge-merit of old hydro-plants. A long term planning is required for the development of thermo and hydro-plants which cannot keep the pace many times with the increased demand by the people and industries.

The diesel units used for electric generation are morereliable and long-lived piece of equipment compared with other types of plants.

2.5.2. Essential components of a diesel power plant

Refer Fig. 8. The essential components of a diesel power plant are listed and discussed below: 1

Fig. 8. Schematic arrangement of a diesel power plant.


  1. Engine
  2. Air intake system
  3. Fuel system
  4. Exhaust system
  5. Cooling system
  6. Lubrication system
  7. Governing system.
  8. Engine starting system