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– The analogy between electric and magnetic circuits is given in the Table 1.


  1. The resistivity of conductors is more or less constant but the permeability of the ferromagnetic materials varies greatly with magnetic field strength.
  2. Strictly speaking, flux does not actually ‘flow’ in the sense in which an electric current flows.
  3. In an electric circuit energy must be supplied to maintain the flow of electricity in the circuit, whereas (in a magnetic circuit) the magnetic flux once, it is set up, does not require any further supply of energy,

Example, Once the flux produced by a current in the solenoid has attained its steady value, the energy subsequently absorbed by that solenoid is all dissipated as heat due to the resistance of the winding).

  1. In ferromagnetic materials if the magnetic field strength is increased the flux density increases till a state of saturation is reached after which there is no increase in flux density for further increase in field strength. There is no such phenomenon in electric circuits.