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Classification of A.C. Motors

Different A.C. motors may be classified as follows:

1. According to the ‘type of current’:

a. Single-phase

b. Three phase

2. According to ‘speed’:

a. Constant speed
b. Variable speed
c. Adjustable speed.

3. According to ‘principle of operation’:

  1. Synchronous motors

         i.      Plain
ii.      Super

4. Asynchronous motors

a. Induction motors:

                i.Squirrel cage

–        Single

–        Double

                ii.      Slip ring (external resistance)

b. Commutator motors:

                i.      Series

–        single-phase

–        universal

               ii.      Compensated

–        conductivity

–        inductively

5. According to ‘structural features’:

i.      Open

ii.      Enclosed

iii.      Semi-enclosed

iv.      Ventilated

v.      Pipe-ventilated

vi.      Riveted frame eye

vii.      Splash proof

viii.      Totally enclosed fan-cooled

ix.      Explosion proof

x.      Water proof