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Applications and Disadvantages


  • Single phase induction motors are in very wide use in industry especially in fractional horse-power field,

They are extensively used for electric drive for low power constant speed apparatus such as machine tools, domestic apparatus and agricultural machinery in circumstances where a three-phase supply is not readily available,

  • There is a large demand for single-phase induction motors in sizes ranging from fraction of horse-power upto about 5 H.P.


Though these machines are useful for small outputs, they are not used for large powers as they suffer from many disadvantages and are never used in cases where three-phase machines can be adopted.

The main disadvantages of single-phase induction motors are:

  1. Their output is only 50% of the three-phase motor, for a given frame size and temperature rise.
  2. They have lower power factor.
  3. Lower-efficiency.
  4. These motors do not have inherent starting torque.
  5. More expensive than three-phase motors of the same output.