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Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving-Iron Instruments


  1. Can be used both in D.C. as well as in A.C. circuits.
  2. Robust and simple in construction.
  3. Possess high operating torque.
  4. Can withstand overload momentarily.
  5. Since the stationary parts and the moving parts of the instrument are simple so they are cheapest.
  6. Suitable for low frequency and high power circuits.
  7. Capable of giving an accuracy within limits of both precision and industrial grades.


  1. Scales not uniform.
  2. For low voltage range the power consumption is higher.
  3. The errors are caused due to hysteresis in the iron of the operating system and due to stray magnetic field.
  4. In case of A.C. measurements, change in frequency causes serious error.
  5. With the increase in temperature the stiffness of the spring decreases.