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Advantages and Applications

Advantages: The stepper motor (a position control device) entails the following advantages:

  1. Compatibility with digital systems.
  2. The angular displacement can be precisely controlled without any feedback arrangement.
  3. No sensors are needed for position and speed sensing.
  4. It can be readily interfaced with microprocessor (or computer based controller).

Applications: Stepper motors have a wide range of applications, mentioned below:

  1. Paper feed motors in typewriters and printers.
  2. Positioning of print heads.
  3. Pens in XY-plotters.
  4. Recording heads in computer disc drives.
  5. Positioning of workables and tools in numerically controlled machining equipment.
  6. Also employed to perform many other functions such as metering, mixing, cutting, blending, stirring etc. in several commercial, military and medical applications.