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The comparison between star and delta connected systems is given below:

Star connected system

Delta connected system

  1. Similar ends are joined together.


  1. Dissimilar ends are joined.


  1. Phase voltage =  line voltage


  1. 2.     Phase voltage = line voltage (i.e., Eph = EL).


  1. 3.     Phase current = line current (i.e., Iph = IL).


  1. 3.    Phase current == =  × line current


  1. Possible to carry neutral to the load.


  1. Neutral wire not available.


  1. Provides 3-phase 4-wire arrangement.


  1. Provides 3-phase 3-wire arrangement.


  1. Can be used for lighting as well as power load.


  1. Can be used for power loads only,


  1. Neutral wire of a star connected alternator can
    be connected to earth, so relays and protective devices can be provided in the star connected alternators for safety.


7. Not possible.

Delta connected system is mostly used in transformer for running of small low voltage 3-phase motors and best suited for rotary converters.